This Campaign takes a place in Roma Arcana setting, in city Patavium. Characters are gladiators in Ludus Batiatus, new founded gladiator school in Patavium. Players will have to challenge each other as well as the rivals from Ludus Crassus, to bring Honor, Fame and Money to Ludus Batiatus and coming with that to themselves as well.

Duels, “Mass” Combat, and Hacking&Clashing the steel in Gladiator’s manner.
Pre-made gladiators available, or create your own.
TL2, in Roma Arcana setting. Remember, that not just killing your enemies, but even making a good show for audience matters when it comes to fighting in arena and mayebe even some intriques can sneak into this dangerous enviroment where noone can be sure if he will live tomorrow.
Check out Wiki and Character Creation for more info.

GURPS “Core”
GURPS Martial Arts
GURPS Martial Arts: Gladiators
GURPS Fantasy (only to get the idea about Roma Arcana setting)

GURPS 4e Gladiators Arena

Stigant Arena head picture op justinaquino