GURPS 4e Gladiators Arena

The Battle on the Sand, part I.

“My Gladiators, we have been honored by an opportunity to give a tribute to famous battle of the past. Tomorrows games are a celebration of fiftieth anniversary of a Battle of Tridentum (note: todays Trento – Italy), where famous general Pelagius Victorius Glaber defeated Germanic raiding hordes, overnumbered he held his possitions and turned the Germanic raiders to flee.
Son of famous Pelagius, Tiberius Victorius Glaber honores you, the gladiators of the House of Batiatus, to take a part of the victorious legionares during tomorows games, and your oponents will be captured outlaws and bandids of Germanic origin, representing the Germanic hordes.
Together with you, grandson of famous Pelagius and son of Tiberius, Albininus Victorius Glaber will join the battle on the sand of arena, impersonating his grandfather. That is the condition under which we have to accept this offer. So, fight well, win, as history says, and make the grandson of famous general shine …. "
That’s how Gavius Batiatus spoke to his gladiators the evening before the games.

Gladiators that attended to this games:
Parmenion, The Thraex (PC +Martin Davis)
Jia Si Tian Shi, exotic far-eastern Hoplomachus (PC +Justin Aquino)
Lucius Agrippa, The Murmillo (NPC, controled by GM)

Hosting Apperance:
Albinius Victorius Glaber, grandson impersoning his grandfather, Legionare (NPC controled by GM).

Our three gladiators, acompanied with sixteen years old grandson of the famous general Palagius, entered the arena, followed by loud ovations of the crowd.
On the other side, five captured Germani bandits and outlaws were threw in. Germani were armed with spears (2), small shields and hatchets (2), and greataxe (1).

At the begining, our gladiators held a tight formation around the boy and advanced forward to take a possition at the center of arena.
Germani armed with spears were taking cover behind the axemen and the one, armed with greataxe, was trying to exploit his advantage of reach, by attacking when going back and forth from the cover of his shield wielding companions.

Very soon, Parmenion’s short temper made him untie himself from the formation and by trying to flank the Germani group, he’s got himself engaged in melee facing two oponents. Luckily for him, the greataxe-man was on the other side of the theatre now.
Lucius, The Murmillo, have been hit by a spearmen, stuned and went prone while Albinius, the boy, was taking cover behind him. Jia took a possition above his falen comrade, protecting him and driving the germani away (by attacks from a wait manuever) with his spear, till Lucius got himself back up on his feet. Ia a meanwhile Parmenion managed to take down one of the shiled-wieldnig axeman.
The battle got spread, but our brave, roman imperium representing, gladiators we pushing the wounded Germans against the wall. Parmenion, even hit badly once, shook it off and crippled an arm of one of the spearmen, while Jia took down down another one by quick stabs to the germans legs and feet.
Greataxe-man tried desperate action to rush trought the gladiator’s lines (with a slam manuever) but have been avoided and hiting noone ran trought, just to get wounded by Jias spear and finished by killing blow of young Albinius.
Crowd went for ovations once again … the boy, representing his grandfather was getting well recieved (thanks mainly to protection of Jia and Lucius who basicaly even took a hit for him).

The battle seemed to be almost over, when young Albibius warned his crew of gladiators:“Pull Back .. this is not over yet … there is something far worse coming in a second wave.”

So, Gladiators left the last foe standing, the one with crippled right hand by Parmenion, to his destiny and regrouped at “their” entrance to the arena. Egyptian mystical medicus from The House of Batiatus, was let in and somehow quickly patched up wounded Parmenion and Lucius, while Tiberius Glaber, the host of these games, stood up at the tribune to deliver a speech to the crowd:
“As is very well known, the savageous Germani brought a fearsome beasts from the forrest of the far north in an attempt to overhelm my fathers small forces. Today I offer you, people of Patavium, a spectacular show, watch how the brave romans fought those beast at the Battle of Tridentum, under a lead of the heroic Pelagius Victorius Glaber … "

Here is where out Part I. of The Battle on the Sand ends. Part II comming soon …


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