GURPS 4e Gladiators Arena

The Battle on the Sand, part II.

Gladiators that attended to this games:
Parmenion, The Thraex (PC +Martin Davis)
Jia Si Tian Shi, exotic far-eastern Hoplomachus (PC +Justin Aquino)
Lucius Agrippa, The Murmillo (PC +Jessie Foster)

Hosting Apperance:
Albinius Victorius Glaber, grandson impersoning his grandfather, Legionare style (NPC controled by GM).

After the short break, four more germani entered the arena, dressed in wolf hides. Our Gladiators barely managed to prepare themselves, when one of the adversaries howled loud like a wolf and all four germani turned into a large timber wolfs, one of them giant.
Frightening howl of the big one (and few unfortunate rolls on Fright Check) caused Parmenion and Albinius to freeze for couple of turns. Even the crowd went silent, expecting a bloodshed…

The battle has began… Our Gladiatrs stayed by their entrance in the formation (a lot of wait manuevers, checks to unstun and “do nothing” manuevers). This defensive approach got them surrounded by the wolfs that one by one attacked and ran away again … The big one howled couple more times in a attempt to scare the gladiators again, mostly unsuccessfully.

During the battle, Gladiators managed to push the wolves back and conquer the center of the arena. Which turned out to be much better position, because thisway they could benefit from retreats (defense bonus) and then step back to a formation.

At the end of the battle, Jia was the most succesfull at delivering blows to the wolves and keeping them away from Albinius, even bringing the big one down, so Albinius could deliver the final killing blow and shine as was expected.

Our Gladiators survived and gained quite good reputation from this dramatic victory on the sands of Arena.


Parmenion [total: 4 points]
surviving=1; win outnumbered=2;
Additionaly: Completing the secondary task=1;

Lucius Agrippa [total 4]
surviving=1; win outnumbered=2
Additionaly: Completing the secondary task=1; Surviving his first match=Gladiator Status 1

Jia Si Tian Shi [total: 4]
surviving=1; win outnumbered=2
Additionaly: Completing the secondary task=1; Temporary Reputation +1 (Slayer of The Wolves)

The Battle on the Sand, part II.
Stigant Stigant

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