Gavius Batiatus

Lanista of Ludus Batiatus


Gavius Batiatus is a Lanista of new Gladiator school Ludus Batiatus. Gavius, more than for money, opened his ludus because of his passion for sports and games. He will of course try to do his best to make some profit out of it, but primarily he wants to build a good reputation for his gladiator school, without unnecesary life casualities on his gladiators, and entertain the audience enough to make them come back. Thats why he motivates his gladiators to put on a good show for the audience at the first place.

Gavius is at his late 30’s with typical roman aristocratic features, charismatic and good public speaker. He enjoys introducing his gladiators himself during the games and usualy supports them and cheers on them when they do well “on the sand”. Being well recieved (him or his gladiators) by audience is very important to him.
Gavius likes to dress well and with style, but usualy keeps it simple, without too much jewelry or fency haircut.

Gavius Batiatus

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