ST 12 [ 20]; DX 12 [ 40]; IQ 10 [ 0]; HT 12 [ 20].
Damage 1d-1/1d+2; BL 29 lbs.; HP 12 [ 0]; Will 10 [ 0]; Per 10 [ 0]; FP 12 [ 0].
Basic Speed 6 [ 0]; Basic Move 6 [ 0]; Block 10 (Shield (Shield)); Dodge 9;
Parry 10 (Shortsword).
Social Background
TL: 2 [ 0].
CF: Rome (Native) [ 0].
Languages: Greek (Native/None) [ 0]; Latin (Accented/Literate) [ 4].
Fearlessness + 2 [ 4]; Fit [ 5]; High Pain Threshold [ 10].
Perks: Skill Adaptation (Exotic Hand Strike defaults to Boxing) [ 1]; Style Familiarity (Thraex) [ 1].
Code of Honor (Gladiator’s) [-5]; Duty (Ludus) (12 or less (quite often))(Extremely Hazardous; Involuntary) [-20]; Bad Temper (12 or less) [-5]; Overconfidence (12 or less) [-5]; Social Stigma (Valuable Property) [-10].
Quirks: Obsession (to become free man eventualy); Prefers Pugilist matches; Reputation (Signature Move) (Lock-Throw) [-3].
Boxing-14 (DX+2) [ 8]; Current Affairs/TL2 (Sports)-10 (IQ+0) [ 1]; Games (Gladiator)-10 (IQ+0) [ 1]; Intimidation-10 (Will+0) [ 2]; Performance-10 (IQ+0) [ 2]; Savoir-Faire (Gladiator Ludus)-10 (IQ+0) [ 1]; Shield (Shield)-14 (DX+2) [ 4]; Shortsword-14 (DX+2) [ 8]; Shortsword Art-12 (DX+0) [ 1 *d]; Wrestling-14 (DX+2) [ 8].
Techniques: Arm Lock (Wrestling)-15 [ 1]; Exotic Hand Strike (Boxing)-14 [ 1]; Feint (Shortsword)-14 [ 0]; Head Lock (Wrestling)-13 [ 3]; Knee Drop (Wrestling)-11 [ 2]; Low Fighting (Shortsword)-12 [ 0]; Targeted Attack (Boxing Punch/Face)-9 [ 0]; Uppercut (Boxing)-13 [ 0].

Styles: Thraex (Thracian); Pugilist(Ancient Greek Boxing mixed with Combat Wrestling)

*d – improved default from Shortsword
Techniques with no invested points are known to Parmenion and he will probably use them, thats why are those listed here already.


Parmenion is a Greek slave Gladiator (Social Stigma: Valuable Property).
Born to a Greek slave courtesan, Parmenion was sold to a Gladiator Ludus at young age because of his quick and hot temper, which was found too un-tameable to train him as a male companion or an enuch servant.

Parmenion’s training started at age 10 as a Pugilist (bare-handed boxer/wrestler). At his teen years he already won few matches against older and stronger oponents, so his Lanista (owner of Gladiator School and local Arena) decided to give him additional training with weapons. There was one less Thraex stylist, than desired at that time, so Parmenion was set to be trained in this style.

As a Pugilist, Parmenion is already known among a few for his favorite combination to lock oponents arm or head and than throw or takedown from this lock. Parmenion then usualy follows with Knee Drop or finishing Exotic Handstrike blow going to low stance (crouch or kneel).
As a Thraex, Parmenion haven’t been to Arena yet, but his shape and training progres makes him very promissing gladiator, despise his average look and still little too short temper.

Parmenion himself prefers Pugilist matches where he feels more confident, but because of his desire to free himself from slavery eventualy, he will do his best at any match that will bring him closer to this goal ad he belives that he is good enough to achieve that.

Note: Ready pre-made PC Character


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