Combat Rules

This campaign has several optional combat rules and house rules


(house rule)
When resisting feint, roll Perception based roll against your best combat skill, instead of DX based. This roll takes all bonuses or penaplties to your Per score at given moment.

2.Style Familiarity

Facing oponent who is using particular style, perk Style Familiarity (given style) reduce the defense penalty from his feints and Deceptive Attacks by -1. (for more details on Style Familiarity perk see GURPS p.MA49)

3.Extra Effort in Combat

(optional Basic, MA)
Gladiators can use extra effort in combat.
You must declare that you are using extra effort and spend the required FP before you make your attack or defense roll. A critical failure on the roll causes 1 HP of injury to the arm (if blocking, parrying, or attacking with a shield, weapon, or hand) or leg (if dodging or kicking) in addition to the usual critical miss results. DR does not protect you from this damage!
It is possible to do maximum of one offensive and one deffensive Extra Effort per one turn.

Feverish Defense:
If you take any maneuver other than All-Out Attack or Commited Attack, you can spend 1 FP to get +2 to a single active defense roll. (You can use this bonus to offset the penalty for parrying multiple times with one hand; see Parrying, p. 376.)
Flurry of Blows:
If you take an Attack maneuver, you can halve the penalty for Rapid Strike (see Rapid Strike, p. 370) by spending 1 FP per attack.
Mighty Blows:
If you take an Attack maneuver in melee combat, you can spend FP to gain the damage bonus of an All-Out Attack (Strong) (see All-Out Attack, p. 365) without sacrificing your defenses. This costs 1 FP per attack. You cannot use Flurry of Blows and Mighty Blows at the same time! This is exclusively an option for Attack; it doesn’t work with All-Out Attack, Committed Attack, Defensive Attack, or Move and Attack – or with techniques based on these maneuvers.

4. Knockdown

(house rule)
After failing HT check for stun, there will be one additional HT check for knockdown with a penalty equal to the shock caused by inflicted damage. Failure drops you to “kneel” position without droping weapon, failing unmodified HT results in knockdown with all consequences described in “core” book.

5. Fate points

Gladiator can spend one free (unspent) CP to:
1. Grade down to failure/miss when rolls critical failure/miss
2. Grade down to success/hit when critical success/hit was rolled on action (attack) directed at him

Combat Rules

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