cost: 2 points

Equipped with two swords but no shield, dimachaeri use both blades for attack and defense. Stylists emphasize mobility and seeking openings in an opponent’s defenses. Close-in combat with two blades and no torso armor is too lethal to be dramatically satisfying to the crowd! Instead, dimachaeri rely on Defensive Attacks and Evaluate. Feints are also popular, and fighters use retreats to move away from opponent’s attacks, only to try to sweep back into range and Counterattack.

Skills: Shortsword.
Techniques: Feint (Shortsword).
Perks: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Shortsword); Style Adaptation (any other gladiator style); Sure-Footed (Sand); Unusual Training (Dual-Weapon Attack; Both attacksmust target
the same foe).

Optional Traits
Skills: Brawling; Performance; Shortsword Art; Wrestling.
Techniques: Spinning Strike (Shortsword).
Perks: Naval Training.

Fighting Kit
Loincloth; metal gladiator belt; provocator helmet; lorica hamata; short greaves (both legs); two gladii.
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