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Despite the name, no evidence exists that essedarii used chariots except possibly when this armatura was introduced in the first century A.D. (Some scholars think that this gladiator type was actually called gallus, with the essedarius undepicted.) The Britons, who used war chariots, may have inspired the equipment and fighting style. They wore no armor other than a manica on their sword arm and a round, crestless helmet (originally open-faced, later enclosed). Some images show them using javelins, but their main weapons were the short sword and large scutum. Essedarii mainly fought each other, though there is one depiction of a fight with a retiarius. Whether fighting from chariots or on foot, essedarii open combat with an exchange of javelins, blocking and dodging their opponent’s missiles. The sword, not particularly suited to stabbing, is used to slash the opponent with Attacks and Committed Attacks. Blows are aimed at the face, neck, and skull. Shield bashes also feature prominently in their arsenal. Mobility plays a greater role than with the other scutarii.

Skills: Shield; Shortsword; Thrown Weapon (Spear).
Techniques: Mounted Shooting (Thrown Spear/Chariot); Targeted Attack (Shortsword Swing/Face); Targeted Attack (Shortsword Swing/Neck); Targeted Attack (Shortsword Swing/Skull).
Perks: Style Adaptation (any gladiator style).

Optional Traits
Skills: Brawling; Performance; Shield Art; Shortsword Art; Wrestling.
Perks: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Shortsword).

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