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The murmillo was one of the most common armaturae, usually paired off against a thraex. His weapon was the short sword (gladius), and he wore a short metal greave on his left leg, a manica on his right arm, and a crested, broad-brimmed helmet with a fully enclosed faceplate. His shield was the large scutum. The murmillo, as a scutarius, was the more powerful and less agile part of his traditional pairings. Murmillones rely on the cover of their large shield to protect themselves as they move near to their opponents. These scutarii prefer to use the shield offensively to block attacks and deliver shield bashes and Beats. Murmillones move aggressively behind a slam or shield bash, trying to punish their typically less-armored opponents with explosive strikes, charges, and sudden stabs of the sword using Attack maneuvers. The strength of the murmillo is in superior defense and carefully timed, overwhelming attacks. The fighter uses Attacks, counting on his shield and armor to protect himself. Committed Attacks are used to finish opponents. The murmillo style rewards a strong fighter; a successful murmillo will often be large and physically powerful.

Skills: Shield; Shortsword.
Techniques: Close Combat (Shortsword); Feint (Shield); Low Fighting (Shield or Shortsword).
Perks: Shield-Wall Training; Shoves and Tackles(Shield); Special Exercises (Striking ST 1); Style Adaptation(any gladiator style); Style Familiarity(Murmillo); Sure-Footed (Sand);

Optional Traits
Skills: Brawling; Knife; Performance; Shield Art; Shortsword Art; Wrestling.
Techniques: Counterattack (Shortsword).

Fighting Kit
Loincloth; metal gladiator belt; murmillo helmet; cloth manica (weapon arm only); short greave (off leg); scutum; gladius.

Murmillo Variations
There are two notable variations of the murmillo: the samnes and the secutor.
Samnes (Samnite)
Are almost identical to murmillo except that they wore an openfaced helmet and some type of torso armor. A samnes was probably originally equipped like a Samnite warrior, with the scutum and gladius, and may be the ancestor of both murmillo and secutor. There is some evidence that, in Republican times, samnites were paired off against each other and used javelins before moving in for close combat. Samnite gladiators will fight with the same tactics as a murmillo.
May have Thrown Weapon (Spear), but this is uncommon.
Skills, techniques, etc. are identical to the murmillo.
The secutor is a subtype of the murmillo who specialized in fighting the retiarius. He, too, used short sword and scutum and wore greave and manica, but his fully closed helmet had neither
crest not brim, giving his opponent’s net nothing to catch on.
Skills, techniques, etc. are identical to the murmillo.

In this Campaign, the Murmillo style covers even Samnite and Secutor, since effectively it’s only difference in equipment (different helmet and mayebe add spear) that realy matters.

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