cost: 4

The was unusual in being very lightly armored and wearing no helmet – retiarii had to rely on their agility and speed to fight better-protected opponents. Their main weapons were a throwing net and a heavy trident, with a dagger carried as a secondary weapon. The only protection they had was a long manica with a galerus metal plate mounted on the left shoulder that protected the face when it was turned toward the opponent. Almost unarmored, the retiarius needs speed and reach to defeat his usual opponent. Stylists use the net to tangle, trip, distract, or disarm their usualy better-protected foe. The retiarius relies on the trident to deliver crippling blows whenever an opening presents itself. With the net, the fighter can entangle the opponent, Feint, or spread it out to deny the opponent a place to move unhindered. If the opponent does step on the net, the retiarius tries to trip up his foe; see GURPS Martial Arts, p. 221.
Once a foe is entangled or feinted out of position, he attacks the body or vitals with the trident. Despite having a weapon in each hand, practitioners do not Dual-Weapon Attack – the pattern is to use the net to disadvantage the opponent and then strike with the trident, not to attack with both at once. The gladiator keeps his distance and avoids close combat where his lack of protection opens him to easy defeat. The dagger is held in reserve for a killing blow or as a last, desperate line of defense. The retiarius uses the trident as themain weapon from the start of his career. Because of this training, practitioners may learn the Exotic Weapon Training perk
as soon as they have a point in Spear (instead of the usual 10 points in skills and techniques).
The exotic laquearius style uses a lasso, but otherwise is the same as a retiarius.

Skills: Knife; Net; Spear.
Techniques: Armed Grapple (Net); Counterattack (Net or Spear); Hook (Spear); Sweep (Net); Targeted Attack (Spear Thrust/Neck); Targeted Attack (Spear Thrust/Vitals).
Perks: Exotic Weapon Training (Trident); Grip Mastery (Spear); Off-Hand Weapon Training (Knife or Net); Technique Mastery (any Net-based technique).

Optional Traits

Skills: Brawling; Performance; Net Art; Spear Art; Staff; Wrestling.
Perks: Naval Training; Style Familiarity (Murmillo or Thraex).

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