Buying a Style

Buying a style is a simple matter of purchasing its individual elements at their usual point costs. Since a style’s basic components are typically taught together, and are prerequisites for its advanced abilities, it’s useful to know their minimum cost. This is the “style cost,” which appears at the start of each style entry.
Style cost is a point for Style Familiarity (which you have to have as a practicioner of the style) plus an additional point per basic, mundane skill. It always equals the number of skills in the style, plus one.

Style Perks

Style Perks are minor advantages or rules exemptions for veteran gladiators. The best way to learn them is to study an armaturae (style), as most styles offer them as advanced training.
A Gladiator who has Style Familiarity (his given style), which is defaultly included in the style cost, may buy one of that style’s perks per 10 points he has in its components (techniques and required skills).

List of PC available Styles

Main Styles





Thraex (Thracian)

Secondary Styles


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