Thraex (Thracian)

Thraex[cost: 3]

The distinctive, square shield and curved sword (sica) make him easily recognizable. Thraeces wear long greaves on both legs (usually with fabric armor underneath), a manica on their sword arm, and a fully enclosed helmet with a high crest and broad brim. The thraex depends on his speed and agility to exploit openings in the defense of his opponent. Unlike gladiators armed with long weapons, like the hoplomachus, he has to move in close to do so. A thraex tries to stab or swing with his curved sword around the shield of his opponent (a Deceptive Attack). He moves into and out of range of his opponent’s strikes, depending on quick footwork. The stylist tries to avoid staying in place, launching Attacks until the opponent leaves an opening for a finishing attack. When near the opposition, the thraex often drops into a low posture, such as crouching or kneeling.

Skills: Shield; Shortsword.
Techniques: Feint (Shield or Shortsword); Low Fighting (Shield or Shortsword).
Perks: Style Familiarity (Thraex); Style Adaptation (any other gladiator style); Sure-Footed (Sand).

Optional Traits
Skills: Brawling; Shield Art; Shortsword Art; Wrestling.
Techniques: Retain Weapon (Shield or Shortsword).
Perks: Style Familiarity (Murmillo).

Fighting Kit
Loincloth; metal gladiator belt; thraex helmet; cloth manica (weapon arm only); long greaves (both legs); thraex shield; sica.

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Thraex (Thracian)

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